by studio NOCC

Bathroom time, in the morning as well as in the night, possesses a very strong ritualistic dimension. Every gesture is repeated with almost mechanical accuracy every day. These gestures are usually very simple: moisturize, rub and cleanse, and dry. We created a sort of Ritual pile concentrating on these 3 steps: water coming out of the faucet to moisturize, a small platform supporting the cleansing accessory (soap, scrub, brush, or even a candle!) and a towel hanging on the structure close to the basin for drying. It has a monolithic yet very functional aspect. It presents itself almost like a holy water pile at the entrance of a church or a temple. It compiles the steps necessary to keep the bathroom a sacred and pure environment where a ritual takes place. We used a very simple metallic structure to house all the different elements. The side panels are made of COTTO’s Herringbone Marble Massa Tiles which bring the mineral feeling of the pile but are also adapted to the scale of the piece thanks to the format of the smaller tiles pattern. A custom made faucet allows us to have an optimal use of space in a restricted basin. It emerges directly from the wooden basin itself.